#maradjotthon - 6399 venues

Hungary's largest event promoter.
(...and many other programs... ;)

6399 venues

Hungary's largest event promoter.
(...and many other programs... ;)

A38 Hajó, Petőfi híd budai hídfő, Budapest, 1117

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Avatar / The Mahones / Dylan W...

Budapest Trap Squad VS Rumble...

A38 Hajó

The Southern Oracle - Allnighters (Redux) The nightmare happens all over again...István Simon for No Silence Studios remixed & remastered the opening track of our first full length record.
Welcome to your nightmare where wolves and lambs rest together. The fear is boundless. There's no ...
The Southern Oracle - Angelmaker (Official Music Video) Artwork & Graphics by Barnabás Kókai
Animated by Olivér Acosta
Graffiti by Meloh_Solice
IV. ANGELMAKER / pre-sale salvation
deathbed priest, sitting on the sidewalk of the maze. waiting for the undead to pass the gates. hold his hand, he ...
The Southern Oracle - 2018 - Hiraeth HIREATH
old highs / new lows
0:00 I. HARBINGER / old highs
1:17 II. CORRUPTER / with enough shovels
6:14 III. GRAVEROBBER / feeding the undead
9:31 IV. ANGELMAKER / presale salvation
10:55 V. PALMREADER / what is love if ...
The Southern Oracle - Corrupter (Official Music Video) Official video for "CORRUPTER" from the album, "HIRAETH", out 9th December 2018 via Metal.hu Order at: http://metal.hu/kategoria/the-southern-oracle/
Camera: Dávid Bodnár
Directed, edited & cut: Barnabás Kókai
II. CORRUPTER / with enough shovels
dictators, manipulators entitled as caretakers and saviours ...
The Southern Oracle - Skypusher VI. SKYPUSHER / neon gods
evil is the root of all money growing from the blackest soil. no way to cut it. od’d on reign. selfish axe bleeds out cocaine. mind awake, body asleep. chaos between periods of space. snow ...

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